Membership Benefits

Memberships are valid for ONE (1) year, starting on the date payment is received.

Membership Options

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The intrinsic value of membership is self-rewarding that lead to self-fulfillment. By recognizing that what we do make a difference, member voluntarily participates to achieve a common goal utilizing talent, intellect, and creativity. As accomplishments are enjoyed more when shared with others, the member gets access to the larger community outreach. Furthermore, the contacts made through the active participation in Pujari events will be valuable throughout your educational and professional careers. Concrete advantages of membership include:

  • The experience gained by actively working with Pujari is excellent for building up a résumé;
  • A launching platform to exhibit and get recognization of your talents;
  • Access to a closely tied social networking community that can be leveraged creatively;
  • Free entry (including meals) to Pujari events throughout the year;
    • Saraswati Puja
    • Baisakhi
    • Picnic
    • Durga Puja
    • Lakshmi Puja
    • Sports Events – Cricket, Tennis, Badminton and much more


  • Get highly discounted tickets to Pujari organized specialty events like New Year’s Celebration, Diwali or Holi (if scheduled on a particular year), and year-round performances by most renowned Guest Artists;
  • Get connected to the professional community of Pujari.